Daniel Cutmore confessed to assaulting his wife after fighting the Tingha fires

The Tingha fire.
The Tingha fire.

A 27-year-old firefighter has admitted assaulting his partner after fighting the Tingha fires.

Police heard the whole domestic violence incident over the phone.

Daniel Cutmore had returned from fighting the fires and was trying to sleep on February 19 but was infuriated after being repeatedly woken up.

Saying he had to be up by 7.30am the next morning he became angry and started an argument with his then-partner at 4.45am.

She left to sleep in the lounge room, but Cutmore continued to verbally abuse her. When she called the police, he tried to grab her mobile phone from her.

Finally the couple ended up in a hallway arguing.

As police listened over the phone, Cutmore punched her in the face, hitting her front teeth, cutting his right hand open and leaving the wall bloody.

The victim pushed him away from her after the assault, which left her teeth sore.

She told him to leave the house, which he did - but asked for a hug first.

Cutmore went to Glen Innes District Hospital to be treated for the self-inflicted injury to his hand, which required stitching.

He later returned to his house.

Police on the other end of the phone heard the whole incident and that morning at 5.20am, police arrived at the house while Cutmore was trying to leave in a white Commodore. He was arrested for assault

"I didn't even hit her, I didn't even hit her, I didn't even hit her," he told attending police.

"I f*****g slapped her for being stupid."

In a police interview he admitted to the offences and was remorseful for his actions. He said he has a problem with anger issues.

In Glen Innes Local Court on Wednesday, April 10, he pleaded guilty to a charge of stalking or intimidating his partner, and also to a charge of assaulting her.

His lawyer said the relationship has since ended and that he had spent time fighting the Tingha fires, implying the man had been under stress.

He also said Cutmore has a very good record, and pointed to a character reference from an Indigenous Protected Areas ranger. Cutmore works for the local land council.

He will be sentenced on May 29.