Brothers3, Vince Sorrenti perform in Glen Innes' first-ever Rugged Bash

Naomi and Sam Robinson.
Naomi and Sam Robinson.

"I would say it would probably have been one of the coldest gigs we've ever done," said Brothers3 member Shardyn Fahey-Leigh.

"Eventually in the final couple of songs, my younger brother Makirum, his fingers were that cold that he couldn't move them properly."

Nonetheless the Mudgee trio said they would "100%" come back for another Rugged Bash for another concert on Glen Innes' main street on a chilly and damp June evening.

The X-Factor finalists were one of two big acts booked for the event.

Brothers3 perform in Grey street

The Rugged Bash was a Federally funded concert, with the cost of $39,961 coming out of the government's Drought Communities Fund. It also ran an event on Friday night.

Shardyn said their home town of Mudgee has seen its fair share of drought. The trio grew up on a property without regular running water, electricity or TV service.

"We've had these droughts as well. I remember when Tazin and I were probably about 12 years old, we used to go to our property in Mudgee and there'd be no water in dams. So we know how hard it is, especially to keep crops alive," he said.

He said it was a great opportunity for the band to give back.

"It's awesome because we know how tough it is for a lot of people and not enough support I think goes out to the farmers these days because you need your farmers otherwise how can you survive?

"I guess in a way it raises their morale or their comradeship because they all know they can come together and everyone is in the same boat.

"And the can all just enjoy a night together."

The event also featured comedian Vince Sorrenti, and local acts Burnt Embers, Naomi and Jodie Bain, Alex Mossman and Tahnee Rose.

It also featured Warren Davies, billed as the unbreakable farmer.