Glen Innes Men's Shed turns 10

LEADERSHIP: Col Wallace with Jim Wilson in front of the Glen Innes Men's Shed.
LEADERSHIP: Col Wallace with Jim Wilson in front of the Glen Innes Men's Shed.

The Glen Innes Men's Shed is ten years old.

The Shed celebrated the birthday on Friday. And with the shed growing into its teenage years, Col says it's set to be stronger than ever.

Speaking on Tuesday in a bustling shed in front of a quartet of blokes playing cards, the shed Secretary said one member is even looking at setting up a shed in his hometown of Wytaliba.

"I think we're pretty stable now and we're very solid financially. And with a good membership base; I can't see that membership dwindling, I think it will grow even more.

"The world of men's sheds around Australia is just growing and men's sheds are growing more and more. I think it's being encouraged through society and also through government agencies for mental health as well as (the) companionship and fellowship which helps a lot of men."

He said in a world that seems more isolating and atomising than ever, Men's Sheds are a bit like a replacement for the RSL culture of the 80s, along with Glen Innes' Services Club.

"I think sometimes a lot of men can be at home isolated; they can be widowers and even young fellows (can be) by themselves."

The Shed formed on June 5 2009 and initially set up in a rented shed in Grove's Lane. In 2012 they built their permanent abode, in the Showgrounds. They now boast 85 members on the books.

They recently added a storage shed, which cost $30 and came as flatpack, unopened army surplus from the Vietnam era. It took half a dozen prisoners from the Correctional Centre several winter months to put the tonnes of shed together.

Could the Shed open more days? Col says probably not.

"We could; some sheds go five days a week. We have discussed it but we find two days a week is comfortable for here for us," he said.

Their latest project is refurbishing town benches from the Visitor Information Centre and from town parks. They also make regular donations to local charitable causes.

Ten years of woodwork at the Men's Shed.

Ten years of woodwork at the Men's Shed.