Glen Innes man granted bail for hospitalising cop in alleged police assault

Inspector Matt Hemsworth said it's unacceptable for police to face violence on the job.
Inspector Matt Hemsworth said it's unacceptable for police to face violence on the job.

A 22-year-old man has been granted bail for allegedly kicking a Glen Innes police officer in the face while being arrested for breaching a restraining order.

Jack Casey-Armstrong year old man will face four charges in Glen Innes Local Court on Wednesday including two counts of assaulting police.

Police will allege he was in breach of a Domestic Violence Order which bans him from visiting a Wentworth street house on Friday night at 7.20pm.

Police were attempting to arrest him, they say, when he kicked a female officer in the face in an effort to break free.

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She was hospitalised for five hours for observation with a suspected broken nose, but tests allayed that fear.

Police said her uniform was also ripped and she was left with scrapes and bruises but was otherwise unharmed. She is currently on non-medical leave.

Casey-Armstrong was bailed by the Armidale Local Court on Saturday with conditions that ban him living or even entering Glen Innes except for future court appearances or meetings with his lawyer.

Instead he will live in Grafton with his father and report to their police station.

Police charged him with assaulting a police officer in the execution of their duty causing actual bodily harm, resisting and assaulting an officer and contravening an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order.

Glen Innes Inspector Matt Hemsworth said it was unacceptable for police to face violence on the job.

"I have to commend the actions of the police involved," he said.

"It's very unfortunate that officer has been injured, however she's very resilient and she'll be back on duty in no time at all.

"Unfortunately policing is a high risk occupation, however any instances of police being injured or assaulted whilst on duty will be investigated promptly and thoroughly and anyone that has assaulted police will be put before the court without delay."

Glen Innes police aggressively target domestic violence offenders and enforce domestic violence court orders during known periods of elevated family violence. According to Inspector Matt Hemsworth these patrols have helped halve the domestic violence assault rate since 2016.