Arts North West plans Art Connections directory, Festival of the Wind

Communications officer Stephanie McIntosh has decked out their headquarters in advertising in advance of next month's event.
Communications officer Stephanie McIntosh has decked out their headquarters in advertising in advance of next month's event.

Arts North West is helping put Glen Innes' craft industry on the map - literally.

From big local art galleries, museums and craft stores down to even cottage industries in a garage, Glen Innes' arts institutions have just a few days to get on 30,000 brochures to be distributed region-wide.

Communications officer Stephanie McIntosh says get in now or your name won't be on the Art Connections directory for three years.

"We're hoping (it will) be the most comprehensive database for our region of artistic and cultural venues," she said.

The Map will be launched in time for Artstate, with the idea of keeping cultural-minded tourists Tamworth in the region longer, offering a list of 60 institutions across the New England.

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Organisations throughout the New England will throw open their doors for the occasion, and hopes are high that there could be good traffic up and down the 'Northwest Arts Trail' from October 31 to November 3.

It's all about the "little gems" she said.

Glen Innes so far has just two names on the list: the Maker's Shed and the Gawura Gallery.

Lindsay Pollack.

Lindsay Pollack.

Arts Northwest has produced its own artistic gem.

Lindsay Pollack, infamous for making his own instruments out of carrots and other unlikely clay, will perform, or possibly construct, a new concert at next month's Festival of the Wind.

The new set puts an appropriately Celtic spin on the father's day event, manufacturing a trick bagpipe - out of rubber gloves, or possibly just one.

"He's really charismatic and wonderful and he'll put on a great show. So we're really lucky to have him and in fact, it's on a Sunday afternoon how perfect," said Stephanie McIntosh.

"Take dad, he'll love it!"

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Another first: the Armidale-based New England Regional Art Museum will have a stall, alongside the Maker's Shed and many other stallholders. Attendees will be able to learn crafts skills, use them to make a product and then give it to their dad for father's day.

Stephanie McIntosh said the Festival is to be a pilot, and could become a regular annual occasion.

She said it was an incredibly important part of building a strong Glen Innes artistic community, a group that can sometimes be fragmented.

"I think it's also important for artisans in Glen Innes to be proud of what they make, too.

"Using this event going forward, if we do do it (annually), this is something thats the people that are making Glen Innes unique and putting it on the map can be proud of.

"We can all join in".

Stephanie McIntosh.

Stephanie McIntosh.