National Parks and Wildlife and strike teams are briefed as they enter the Bees Nest fire fight

Park Air 3: strike target group
Park Air 3: strike target group

Tryingham RFS volunteers yesterday took leave after weeks of fighting.

The local RFS will have one weeks rest from fire fighting before they return.

"Our community has been here the same time as the Tyringham RFS fire fighting crews so we don't feel as bad, because everyone is here with us...

Captain Darren Wykes

A new strike team arrives every three days, from interstate. Local experts brief the new crews about local conditions.

"The back burns we are doing are going very well, protecting property, and the wind has been kind to us" a National Parks worker from Toorminda, Coffs Harbour explained.

A young woman takes personally some of the negative comments on Facebook.

"I take the comments personally. I work with a lot of people, who are really good at what they do, and they know the science behind their decisions. I know fires bring out high emotions but we are doing everything we can," a young woman said.

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