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Glen Innes Municipal Band 1939.
Glen Innes Municipal Band 1939.

Following W K Coughlan as bandmaster were Messrs W H Griffiths and R Heron until G R Clarke took over with a band that had been functioning since 1878. Thirteen years later Horrie Clark took his place.

The war years deprived the band of many players, and while Mr Clarke was away for two years, dentist Norman Sligo took his place.

About 1940 the name was changed from Glen Innes Silver Band to Glen Innes Municipal Band.

In these years Andy Morgan organised popular band Sundays.

Eric Keating was promoted bandmaster when Horrie Clarke took a position in the band.

In 1955 a number of new low pitch instruments were donated, in 1957 there were 27 players and 12 instrument learners.

That year 30 shirts at a cost of £50/5/- were purchased and later blue ties were made by Mrs E Keating. The Keating family were keen band members.

Gordon Chapman president 1959 was followed by A B Freak who held the position until 1972.

From 1959 fears were expressed about declining numbers in the band; a special fund for purchase of uniforms was started.

Daryl Newby took over from Eric Keating and the band went into recess in 1966.

However, Roly Bannister, keen trombonist music teacher at the high school was given permission to use the music and instruments at the school.

Aided by several pupils he had taught, he re-formed the band and it thrived and over the next two years. They bought 20 new music stands and new uniforms.

When Roly went overseas to further his studies the band could have folded had not Mr Freak persuaded Daryl Newby to be a temporary bandmaster.

Bruce Young took over that roll in 1971. By July 1971 there were 19 in the band with 17 new learners.

Band pictured: Top, Theo Krandiotis. Next, E McRae, Percy Doyle, Alex McRae, Harry Jones, Emil Bray, Jack Keating, Eric Keating, Abe Keating. Next: Ted Snell, Ted Bullus, Keith Tutt, Jack Parry, Charlie Sellick, Peter O'Brien, Stan Bonnett, Fred Day, Charles Ruming, A Lennon. Seated: Andy Morton, Pat McCanna, Jack Brennan, Andy Morgan, H Clarke, Charles Doyle, Arch Kelly, Bill Faint. Front: Roy Shannon, Alan Doyle, Robert Doyle, Bob Day.