Warwick Twigg netball centre construction moves closer

The new Glen Innes netball facility is one step closer to completion, with council recently approving an architect to draw up the plans.

Glen Innes Severn council recently voted to name the facility the Warwick Twigg Indoor Sports Centre. Earlier this week it was revealed in council minutes that they had unanimously voted for Michael Davies Architecture to complete the designs.

The facility, to be funded by two grants worth in total $5.4 million will be used by other sports like basketball, and also community health and fitness programs, but is intended to host netball teams from across the New England.

The building was designed with the aid of Melbourne-based consultant Richard Simon and is expected to open in July 2021.

It will feature two indoor courts, proper toilets and power; the club currently has none of that, playing on exposed outdoor fields in all seasons.

Coaching co-ordinator Julie Fuller said it will be a huge boost to a sport that already boasts around 150 participants, making it one of the biggest in town.

"We're running out of a shipping container, we have no electricity, we have no water," she said.