GLENRAC's late 30th birthday to feature all-local food

To celebrate their thirtieth birthday, GLENRAC is planning to cook a dinner of food produced within one hundred miles of Glen Innes.

Founded one June 22 1989 GLENRAC was one of the state's first land care organisations.

The organisation has the Services Club for a dinner on November 22 for the dinner celebration.

They will only serve food sourced from a grower or grazier within a 160 kilometer radius, said event organiser Eliza James. The '100 mile dinner' will be a celebration of the best local produce the area has to offer.

"Despite the terrible drought conditions, our region is made up of farmers and providers who continue trucking along, direct marketing their produce to the New England region and further afar too," she said.

"We want this night to focus on the positives of our community, and being able to feature local food is a great way of doing this. The produce we are showcasing is truly fantastic, in season and seriously local."

Event organiser and GLENRAC Committee member, Sandy Fitzgerald was part of the conservation group's first meeting in the Glen Innes town hall in 1989, alongside husband Desmond.

She said the dinner is an opportunity for the community to learn about the history behind Landcare and the pioneering origins of GLENRAC.

"The creation of the Landcare movement was triggered by the events of Black Friday in Melbourne during the 1980s - the city was almost shut down by thousands of tons of soil that had blown in from the Western districts of Victoria, and serious questions were asked about how such an ecological event could have happened," she said.

"Glen Innes Landcare and GLENRAC have been there since the very beginning - and here we are, still going strong 30 years later, our focus still fundamentally on maintaining an overarching ecological sensibility through the management of land, soils and resources in our natural environment."

In 1989, landcare was formed, with Prime Minister Bob Hawke announcing that 1990 would be the year of landcare, and the 1990s the decade of Landcare.

The first landcare campaigns in Glen Innes helped develop a total catchment management plan for the Macintyre Valley, and to take action against the crippling effects of eucalypt dieback gripping the region at the time.

The evening will also feature charity auctions, with all proceeds going to local Red Cross branches.