Wandsworth bushfire burns towards Ben Lomond

Picture: RFS Twitter
Picture: RFS Twitter


The road between Tingha and Guyra was closed on Saturday, as the Wandsworth bushfire continues to burn in the region.

The fire has burnt out 4880 hectares and remains out of control. Early Saturday afternoon it was burning in an easterly direction towards the area of Ben Lomond.

A southerly change overnight had pushed the fire north towards the Macintyre River.

The Rural Fire Service was advising residents on Saturday, in the area of Wandsworth and Ben Lomond, to monitor conditions and watch out for spot fires.

The RFS advice warns spot fires may threaten your property ahead of the main fire front, and says residents should seek shelter if the fire impacts on their property.

Motorists should avoid areas affected by bushfires as conditions can change quickly.


An emergency warning is in place for a fast moving Wandsworth bushfire burning south-west of Glen Innes. The fire is spreading quickly in an easterly position and heading towards Ben Lomond.

Spot fires are starting ahead of the main fire front.

Residents in the area of Wandsworth and Ben Lomond should monitor conditions and watch out for spot fires that may threaten your property ahead of the main fire front.

Check and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan. If you do not have a plan, decide what you will do if the situation changes. Leaving early is your safest option.

Seek shelter if the fire impacts on your property.


A spokeswoman for NSW RFS said while the Guyra Road, Wandsworth bushfire progressed to the south-east overnight, given the weather conditions, it did not run as hard as some other fires in the area.

She warned that potentially there were about 10-20 properties along Guyra Road, and the tracks off the road that needed to be on alert today, as fire fighting strategy was not necessarily containment, but to slow its progression.

"We're asking residents in the area to remain vigilant and enact their bushfire survival plans and know what they are going to do when the situation changes, as it's very likely to do today," she said.

"We haven't had any immediate threat to property yet, however crews are in the field today to monitor conditions."

"Severe fire danger ratings at the moment meaning it is incredibly difficult for fire fighters to achieve containment," she said.

She said often fire fighters would have to fall back into property protection and look after those as best they could because was not safe to fight the fire.

"The best thing residents can do to help is to know what they are going to do because our greatest concern is their protection," she said.

"If they're not comfortable and not prepared then use the opportunity while they can to leave and head to a safe location."

The spokeswoman said residents were only advised to stay if they are well prepared, both their properties and themselves, physically and mentally to fight the fire if that eventuated.

This fire remains out of control and has burnt out about 1280 hectares.


The Guyra Road, Wandsworth bushfire remains out of control and burning in a north-easterly direction towards Guyra Road and the Macintyre River. It has burnt out 438 hectares.

Guyra Road is currently closed.

NSW RFS has advised residents in the area of Guyra Road and Querra Creek Road to seek shelter as the fire approaches, and protect themselves from the heat of the fire.

Check and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan. If your plan is to leave, or you are not prepared, leave early.

Well prepared and actively defended homes can offer safety during the fire.


NSW RFS has advised:

  • If your life is at risk, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.
  • Continue to stay up to date with the bush fire situation here, by listening to your local radio station or by calling the NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line on 1800 679 737.
  • If you live in the area but are away from home, it may not be safe to return to your property.

For information on road closures, check here.

Be aware that roads may be closed without warning.

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