New England Bushfires: New England Highway expected to remain closed until Thursday

RFS personell having a meal break aroud 7pm yesterday at the top of Moonbi Hill. Picture: Dave Robinson
RFS personell having a meal break aroud 7pm yesterday at the top of Moonbi Hill. Picture: Dave Robinson

Earlier, Tuesday:

UPDATE: 2pm: Guyra schools closed "as a precaution"

Schools in the Guyra region have been closed "as a precaution" due to the out of control Whan's Road fire near Llangothlin.

That blaze is expected to impact the New England Highway.

Local MP Adam Marshall said students from Guyra Central School, Bald Blair Public School and Black Mountain Public School will be sent home this afternoon.

"As predicted conditions are becoming very volatile on our local fire grounds and I urge everyone in the area of these fires to take direction from Emergency Services and enact their bushfire action plans," he said.

Check for up to date information and RFS advice on the Fires Near Me app or online here.

The New England highway is currently closed between Moonbi and Bendemeer.

The Torrington blaze was still burning on Saturday.

The Torrington blaze was still burning on Saturday.

UPDATE 1pm: Llangothlin Fire.

Anemergency warning is in place for a bush fire burning in theLlangothlin area.

The fire is burning in the area of Llangothlin is spreading quickly and properties are under threat.

It isexpected to impact on the New England Highway.

It is too late to leave if you are a resident in the Llangothlin area. Seek shelter as the fire approaches. Protect yourself from the heat of the fire.

UPDATE 12pm: Gulf road blaze breaks containment lines

The Gulf Road blaze near Emmaville and Stannum has broken containment lines. RFS has issued an emergency warning for the "fast moving bush fire" which is burning in the region of Emmaville and Stannum.

RFS advise that the fire is spreading quickly. If you are in the path of the fire you are at risk.

If you are in the area of Emmaville or Stannum, seek shelter to protect yourself from the heat of the fire, RFS recommends.

Deepwater residents should monitor conditions and be aware of smoke and embers.

The blaze has already burned through 58126 hectares, and reportedly destroyed homes in Torrington during Friday's emergency conditions.

MORNING: community prepares for extreme fire danger

Residents are bracing for a day of dangerous fires today, with an extreme danger warning and total fire ban in place throughout our region.

There are a number of fires currently burning in the New England, including at Gulf road near Torrington, in the Washpool state forest, the deadly Kangawalla blaze in the Mann river reserve region, and the Wandsworth blaze.

There are some 69 fire incidents throughout NSW, which is currently in a state of emergency.


Local MP Adam Marshall said conditions look even worse than predicted - "as dangerous as it gets for our region."

"This is not the time for tombstone heroism - a home can be rebuilt but a life cannot be replaced."

In Glen Innes it is already windy, with thermometers reading about 21 degrees.

"Following the tragic loss of life at Wytaliba over the weekend it cannot be stated enough how important it is residents have a bush fire action plan ready to enact," he said.

"Under an extreme fire danger rating if a fire is to start leaving is the safest option for survival and if you are not prepared to the highest level leave early in the day.

Eight schools are currently shut, including Ben Lomond Public School, Deepwater Public School, Emmaville Central School, Ebor Public School, Chandler Public School, Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre, Wytaliba Public School and the Armidale Waldorf School.

More schools could be closed as the day continues.

The Glen Innes Showground fire evacuation centre reopened overnight and residents who decide today to leave their homes as a safety precaution can seek shelter there.

Clubs NSW has also announced today residents can also seek shelter at their local club which in Glen Innes includes the Golf and Bowling Clubs and the Services Club.

Fire danger ratings and up to date information on the fire situation in your area can be found at https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information

Residents are also encouraged to download and monitor the Fires Near Me App.