Banned to 2033: 'habitual' driving criminal sent to jail

Banned to 2033: 'habitual' driving criminal sent to jail

A man banned from driving until 2032 was jailed by the Glen Innes local court yesterday after being caught behind the wheel.

Jacob Dolar was not even allowed to hug his child before being taken away by Glen Innes police yesterday with a six month jail sentence.

The 22 year old has no record of conviction for speeding or drink driving, but has a lengthy criminal record which includes assault, intimidating a witness, and drug dealing.

Magistrate Michael Holmes, initially erroneously handed a ten page criminal record, was preparing to adjourn the hearing for further information before sentencing.

But he was shocked when another 18 pages were added to the pile, pages that had fallen off the record due to a bad paperclip. He immediately moved to sentence Dolar to prison.


"You have shown no regard to the community," the Magistrate said, condemning the man's "very extensive record".

Dolar's defence lawyer argued the man has stopped drinking and using drugs, has not committed a crime in a year and a half and has made efforts to turn his life around, and asked for extra time for a sentencing assessment report and character references to help the Magistrate make a decision.

"I can identify the issue now," Magistrate Holmes said.

"Failing to comply with orders of the court."

As Dolar's baby child, partner and mother watched on, the man was taken away by Glen Innes police, sentenced to six months jail with no non-parole period.

Magistrate Holmes refused his request to allow him to hug his 1 year old child - a police officer told him he'd have an opportunity to say goodbye at the station.

His driving ban will now last until 2033, with another 12 months' disqualification added with his latest sentence. His conviction was recorded.