History Matters || Village life in Tent Hill

Postmistres Mary Elizabeth Peberdy (1868-1951) and her post office in later years.
Postmistres Mary Elizabeth Peberdy (1868-1951) and her post office in later years.

Tent Hill, also known as The Glen is five miles or almost 8.5 kilometres from Emmaville.

In 1874 the site for a village of 220 acres was announced in the NSW Government Gazette, and the village proclaimed in 1885.

Ian Lobsey's 1972 "The Creek" records reminiscences: "The township of Tent Hill was surveyed at the bottom end, near the creek. The recreational ground was in the area where wonderful football matches and other sporting activities took place...

"Fireworks displays were well remembered, dog racing was popular, and boating in the dams too.

"There were two tennis courts and a private golf course... There were more than 53 houses at Tent Hill. A butcher's shop on the corner near Torrington Road, one or two wine shops, two shops for groceries and mixed business, a post office (closed in recent years), the Hall, which was once blown down in a wind storm and the school, which was built in 1882.

The Ottery mine had an office and weighbridge across from the hall."

During her years as the Tent Hill postmistress from 1903 to 1953 Mary Peberdy nee Collins lived through boom times and slumps.

On her retirement the Glen Innes Examiner of Friday, May 1, 1953 reported:

"In the earlier days, selectors between Wellington Vale and Tent Hill were served from the Tent Hill Post Office but owing to the opening of the Deepwater Butter Factory, they were compelled to transfer their business to Deepwater for convenience.

The Gulf people were also served from the Tent Hill Post Office, the mailman taking the mail once a week via "The Glen" and delivering to homesteads en route to the Gulf...

"The salary of the Postmistress was paid according to business conducted."

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