Glen Innes police praise behavior at Deepwater races

POLICE NEWS | Police praise behavior at Deepwater races

Police have praised racegoers' behavior at the weekend's Deepwater races, saying they didn't pick up a single drink driver nor break up a single fight.

A police spokesperson said they were happy that the behavior of the 1700 attendees was so positive.

"Everyone seemed to enjoying themselves and certainly behaving themselves," the spokesperson said.

Police are hoping that attendees at future events will be as law-abiding.

Pub fight

Police are investigating what is alleged to have been a fight at a Glen Innes pub last Friday.

At around 10pm police were called to the licenced premises after receiving calls regarding a man hassling other patrons.

It is alleged that the man drew a knife after he was evicted from the premises and threatened to stab staff. It's also alleged he punched a staff member.

He was arrested at the scene, but was later released pending further investigation.

Drug search

A 39 year old woman was found in possession of a prescription medication, police allege.

Police say they found the drug suboxone on her person during a search on Friday afternoon at 3.45pm.

The prescription medication, which contains both buprenorphine and naloxone, is often used to treat dependence on opioids like morphine.

The woman was issued a future attendance notice.