Police charge woman for an alleged Glen Innes armed robbery

Police charge woman for alleged Glen Innes armed robbery

An armed robbery that allegedly netted just a packet of cigarettes could land a Glen Innes woman in jail.

Glen Innes police allege a 31 year old woman held a man at knife-point in a raid on Saturday afternoon, demanding a phone and a packet of cigarettes.

She has been charged with aggravated breaking, entering and stealing while armed and armed robbery with an offensive weapon.

Police will allege that at about 12pm on Saturday February 8, she entered a residential address on East Avenue in Glen Innes before threatening the occupant with a knife.

Police were later called and started a forensic investigation. She was arrested on Monday and charged at 10.55am. Police refused the woman bail.

She will appear in Armidale court tomorrow.

The offender is known to the victim.

The maximum penalty for armed robbery is 20 years in jail, with the maximum penalty for breaking and entering with an aggravating factor is 25 years in jail.

Drive-by egging

Passengers of a white Holden Commodore pelted businesses along Glen Innes' main street with eggs on Friday, police allege.

At around 11.50pm on Friday night unknown assailants egged Grey street, police say.

Police say the alleged attack caused a mess. But aside from the cost of cleaning the attack left Glen Innes business undamaged. No windows were broken, they said.

But it's still a crime.

Police are investigating the incident using CCTV but as of time of print have no suspects or known motive.

They're appealing for anyone who have information about the alleged incident.