Business in Glen launches Totally Locally campaign

Business in Glen is launching a new buy local campaign Totally Locally says President Peter Teschner.
Business in Glen is launching a new buy local campaign Totally Locally says President Peter Teschner.

Glen Innes is set to become the latest town to join an international shop local campaign billed as a way to convince locals of the benefits of keeping money in the community.

Business in Glen president Peter Teschner said if everyone who entered their shop local campaign Spend in Glen spent an extra $20 in town in 2020 that would mean over a million dollars circulating in town.

That's partly because of the "multiplier effect".

"One dollar I spend in town has the ability to multiply by about 80 per cent again," said BiG President Peter Teschner.

"I'll go to a coffee shop and I pay $5 for a drink. 80 per cent of that gets respent in town again because they pay the wages of somebody.

"And those people whose wage has been paid they'll go spend somewhere else."


If you spend at a local business 73 cents out of every dollar stays in Glen Innes. If you buy the same product online on Amazon of Ali Baba 57 cents leaves town.

"That's powerful mathematics."

The town's chamber of commerce is hoping the campaign, which will launch tonight, will get more people buying in Grey street and employing locals.

Shop owners should expect a visit from a helper Business in Glen has hired to work on the campaign over coming weeks.

She will visit every shop in Glen Innes to convince them to put a sticker on the door, adopt Totally Locally and talk about the campaign. She has also helped design brochures and posters.

Some local residents will also take roles as champions - they will be "the face of Totally Locally", said Peter Teschner.

But he anticipates the campaign's biggest challenge will be a perceived lack of diversity of product. But that need not be a problem, more an opportunity.

"We need to know from people what it is that they want to buy - what is missing from the product you want to buy here in town," he said.

"And then maybe we can work with shop owners or bring new businesses to town to look at that.

"We need everyone to be enthusiastic about shopping locally."

In April BiG will swing into what they're calling 'Twenty for Plenty in 2020' a loyalty program that offers discounts to repeat customers. Secretary David Scott came up with the name.

Glen Innes Severn council has given BiG $10,000 to help the program, which will mean the program will be free for businesses.

Totally Locally began in the high streets of the North of England but has since has spread around the world.

Since its founding in Hebden Bridge, Totally Locally towns have "gone on to do big things" according to the campaign's website.

"Many have won awards, and many have seen a dramatic reduction in empty shops and discovered a new communal way of working together."