History Matters || Do you know the Knaap family who moved to Glen Innes in the 1950s?

History Matters from a 1954 Glen InnesExaminer

What an abundance of history covering so many facets of our daily life has been contained within the pages of the Glen Innes Examiner since October 1874!

The following article is overflowing with names and incidents and has so many clues for family and local history researchers.

In the edition of Monday 2 August 1954 there was a write up of the history of postal and telephonic growth in the district - the lifeline of communication of the early days when so many outlying areas had post offices and telephone exchanges.

'Bald Nob. On January 20 1874 [nine months before the first Examiner hit the streets] the residents of Bald Nob petitioned the Postmaster General for the establishment of a Post Office at the store of John Rae of the settlement.

In a supportive letter Frederick Lewis said his house was the changing place for the mail coach horses.

The petition was not granted.

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The agitation for a Post Office was renewed in 1879, the petitioners claiming there was some growth occurring in the district particularly at Skeleton Creek near Bald Nob, where many Chinese were working in the mines.

The mail route between Glen Innes and Grafton passed through Bald Nob, so it was decided to open a Receiving Office at the Bald Nob Hotel. This was done in April 1879.

The licensee of the hotel was Bartholomew McCormack.

In 1884, a Post Office was established, and Bartholomew McCormack was appointed Post Master.

Mr McCormack's sureties were J C Brigden, Brewer, and J Utz, Storekeeper both of Glen Innes.

The Postmaster died in 1897 and his wife was appointed. She subsequently remarried and became Mrs Larkin.

Mr Clement Julius Sturtridge bought out the hotel from Mr Larkin and was appointed Postmaster in 1925.

The present Postmistress [1954] Miss Ivy Florence May MacLucas succeeded Mr Sturtridge on October 1928.

Miss MacLucas has received assistance in her duties from Harriett Elizabeth Keelan and Zena McIntyre Giles.

On January 11 1929 a Telephone Exchange was opened at Bald Nob.'

Do you know the Knaap family?

Our research team has received this email, but, we have had no luck in our search for these people, so a plea to anyone who may be able to help.

'Jennifer from Holland here. My lovely grandad found some letters and pictures from the 50s that were sent to friends of his parents.

My great grandparents were good friends with the family Knaap from The Hague, Holland, where we're from.

They moved to Australia, Kings Plain, Glen Innes in 1950/1951 with their two daughters and kept in touch with each other.

We have pictures from before the move as well as after emigrating and behind every picture there's a description and message

We would love to get in contact with the family, to share this precious part of their heritage.

My grandad is very keen on making sure this doesn't get lost and share his memories while he can.

We don't really know how to find them, so I really hope you can help us out! Hoping to hear from you.

Jennifer Hoogland '.

This would be a great example of the social history of those years.

If you can assist please email museum@gleninneshistory.com.au or phone 02 67 32 1035