Glen Innes renovated section of saleyards hold first Sheep sale

The newly renovated Glen Innes Saleyards held its first sheep sale on Tuesday.

The first sale in the new yards was able to go ahead despite the ongoing construction.

As construction continues, sheep sales will still be held at the yards every second Tuesday.

Part of the old saleyards facility was used in conjunction with the updated portion of the Saleyards to enable the sheep sale to continue its operations during the transitional period of construction.

"(It's) good to have the facility and such a big yarding of of lambs at the sale, it is a beautiful facility and a pleasure to have in Glen Innes," Elders Manager Christ Alt said.

The sheep sales were planed to take place while the construction process was in action, and the forward thinking allowed for the existing structure to aid in the sales proceedings.

Construction is expected to be completed in September. At this time there will be a grand opening where Northern Tablelabnds MP Adam Marshall can attend as he helped get the funding, saleyards manager Aaron Campbell said.

At the first sale there were 2000 head yarded at the the new state of the art facility. Sheep prices are historically at an all time high across Australia, creating exceptional sheep prices for sellers, Brad Newsome from Landmark said.

"Great to see the rise of the market for the Glen Innes new Saleyards, it looks like it has a promising future," Mr Alt said.

The renovated saleyards will provide an opportunity for local producers to sell their livestock in Glen Innes. Once the renovations are completed the saleyards should attract more people from outlying districts to the selling centre.