Deepwater community participate in meat tasting fundraiser

The Deepwater community participated in its second Australian beef taste-testing fundraiser last Thursday, July 9 for the University of New England (UNE), raising $1000 for community projects.

"The Deepwater School of the Arts Hall was contacted by a UNE project officer with Meat and Livestock Australia MLA and Meat Standards Australia MSA to inquire if we would like to host the fundraising events," Deepwater Hall chair Mary Hollingworth said.

Rod Polkinghorne, chairman of MSA Pathway Committee, said the MSA MLA research started in the 1990's as an industry response to the issue of falling consumption and market prices.

"The fundraising opportunities for community also provide us with the consumer understanding we need to understand what we can do as an industry to predict how beef will eat," he said. "This project has been growing since the 1990s to try and predict and guarantee how beef would eat.

"The ongoing MSA project is now conducted in more than 11 different countries. By using the research gained from the fundraisers the industry can produce a prediction model and calculate an understanding of the market."

The fundraising events require 60 volunteers to participate in meat tasting for an hour. At the end of the session the chosen community project is awarded $1000.

"We felt this was an amazing opportunity not only to fundraise for the community but have a unique opportunity to be involved with the taste-testing and quality control for the MLA and MSA," Mrs Hollingworth said.

"Our community has committed to this project and will partake in the taste-testing on seven occasions. This is our second meat tasting. Each time 60 volunteers give an hour of their time to participate for the benefit of the community."

The funding will be shared between Deepwater P&C, Deepwater Sewing group, Deepwater Art group, Deepwater Far West; and Deepwater Hall.

"In order for these fundraising events to occur we have had to ensure we are complying with the Covid-19 plan in place and are adhering to the social distancing rules," Mrs Hollingworth said.

"At the end of our fundraising we will have raised $7000 for our community projects. The Deepwater community has shown its strong community support."