Glen Innes Severn council support decision not to increase mayoral and councillor fees

Glen Innes Severn councillors.
Glen Innes Severn councillors.

After the recent challenges of drought, bushfires, and COVID-19 faced by Glen Innes residents, the shire's councillors have voted to forgoe any pay rise this year.

The unanimous decision was made to not increase councillor and mayoral fees in the 2020/2021 financial year at Glen Innes Severn Council's most recent meeting, as recommended by the NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal.

Mayor Carol Sparks said it was the right decision to be made by the tribunal and supported by council.

"It is in the best interest of the community for the fees of councillors not to be raised with consideration of the recent events," Cr Sparks said.


She said taking into consideration all of the recent events that have affected the community - drought, bushfires, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and people losing their jobs - council didn't not want the pay increase this year.

"We recommend that we not have the increase this year, because the circumstances of people suffering," Cr Sparks said.

Cr Sparks said there are extenuating circumstances at play, with business not as usual.

"We need to take the circumstances into consideration," she said.

Cr Sparks said she is proud of council for the decision made to not increase the fees for this financial year.