$1000 funding awarded to Deepwater P&C through community fundraising

The Deepwater community have come together to help raise $1000 for the Deepwater School's P&C by participating in an Australian beef taste-testing fundraiser for the University of New England (UNE).

Deepwater School of the Arts Hall association chair Mary Hollingworth was contacted by a UNE project officer and asked if they would like to host a series of seven fundraising events.

"At the end of our fundraising we will have raised $7000 for our community projects," Mary Hollingworth said.

On Thursday 30 July the community of deepwater took part in their third fundraising event with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and Meat Standards Australia (MSA).

The fundraising events have been sure to maintain social distancing rules and supply hand sanitiser for everyone upon entry.

"In order for these fundraising events to occur we have had to ensure we are complying with the Covid-19 plan in place and are adhering to the social distancing rules," Mrs Hollingworth said.

The $1000 for Deepwater P&C will go towards a number of projects to benefit the students.


Deepwater P&C Secretary Jennifer Robertson-Cuninghame said the funds from the taste-testing will be going towards projects for the school.

"One project in particular being the major excursion that was postponed until next year due to the impact of COVID-19," she said.

The money raised will assist the P&C in their efforts to support the students by ensuring the running of the school's bus to transport students to extra curricular activities.

"We are very grateful for the opportunity, it's such an easy way for us to raise the $1000 for the students, we want to thank Mary Hollingworth, MLA and the members of the community for participating," Jennifer said.

"This year the school numbers have increased greatly to 24 students at Deepwater public K-6. The money will help us provide the students with opportunities including free swimming lessons for students at no cost to parents every year," she said.

For each taste testing the community is committed to gathering 60 volunteers to participate in the tasting to earn the $1000.

"We have been overwhelmed by the support and commitment shown by the community to ensure that we have the 60 volunteers for each event," Mrs Hollingworth said.

"People have committed to attending the fundraising events in a show of community support," she said.

The organisers were thrilled to see the turn out for the fundraisers and hope to continue seeing the same level of participation at the future fundraising events held later in the year.