Markets in the highlands will continue as planned

The First Markets in the Highlands will be held this weekend
The First Markets in the Highlands will be held this weekend

Glen Innes will be hosting the inaugural Markets in the Highlands this weekend on Saturday, August 8

There will be something for everyone to enjoy at the first Markets in the Highlands operating from 9am to 3pm in the former Glen Severn Holden building.

The organisers of the event have been overwhelmed with stallholder interest and positive wishes from community members for the event's success.

In order to be COVIDsafe the markets will be following the COVID-19 requirements for social distancing and abiding by all regulations by providing sign in sheets and having lowered capacity.

The Highland Markets will be held on the second Saturday every month

Donna McAllister

Coordinators of the event Donna McAllister and Kim McCarthy have been planning for several few months.

"We tried to pick a day where the markets won't clash with others around the area including Armidale and Inverell so that everyone will be able to attend," Donna said.

The Markets in the Highlands will be an ongoing event on the second Saturday of every month, with stalls of all varieties.

"There will be 25 storeholders from the local area attending the markets, predominantly from Glen Innes," Donna said.

There will be a range of store holders selling a variety of items including kids clothing, earrings, pottery, flowers, handmade crafts, and more for everyone to enjoy.