Glen Innes based May Tate blessed with five living generation family

It has become a rarity to see a family go beyond four living generations, however Glen Innes's very own May Tate has been blessed with five living generations of her family.

After growing up in the local area with her 11 siblings May has always loved having a big family.

Coming from a large family May has a an appreciation for the love of family.

"My father used to say he was amazed that our family could see each other in the morning and be just as happy to see each other that night," she said.

With the most recent arrival in the family, May became a great-great-great-grandmother. The youngest Tyiesha is now 14 months old.

The family has five generations starting with May, her daughter Diane had son Jamie, who had daughter Tiarnie, who had had Tyiesha.

"When a family gets bigger there is more love to have and share," May said.

May was blessed with three children from her first marriage.

To be living to the grand age of 88 May feels blessed to have such a wonderfully large family to share her life with.

Growing up in the area and completing her schooling locally at Stonehenge school May has many memories of family in the area.

Living in Glen Innes all her working life Mays says she loved raising her family in the town.

"I couldn't see myself living anywhere else. I wouldn't move for anything.

"This is a wonderful place to call home"

The five generations of family have not been able to come together in a while. The family are now spread around NSW and QLD.

"We all have not been together in over 12 months," May said.

"It is rare for me to get the chance to see the whole family and for us to be together unfortunately with the current state of COVID-19.

"We look forward to see each other all again once the coronavirus has passed and it is safe again."

Currently the family don't have any plans of getting together.

May feels bless to have such a large family, and to be around for the family to reach the milestone of five living generations.

"I am glad to be alive today and be able to see my family continue to grow," she said.

"I feel terribly spoilt to have this much of a marvellous family filled with love."

May is grateful for the life she has in Glen Innes and says that she has had a happy life filled with family and love.

"The more family you have the more there is to love, and we have more than enough of that to go around.

"I just keep going and hope for the best for my family."