Glen Innes High School students thrilled that the year 12 formal ban has been lifted

The Glen Innes High School graduating class of 2020 will now have something to look forward to after the completion of their HSC exams with the ban on school formals being lifted.

Students were devastated when the ban was implemented on graduating ceremonies and formals.

"We were pretty gutted, it's been a fair few years at school and we want to have a celebration in recognition of our years here," school captain Harry Lynn said.

"It's a nice way to celebrate with everyone that we've spent so long with."

The year 12 cohort have had their fingers crossed that they would be able to celebrate.

"It's good to be able to get something even if it is in a different capacity to what you normally see," vice captain Alec Eastwood said.


Students will be able to celebrate their achievement of finishing their schooling after the announcement made by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian last week.

The announcement stated that year 12 formals and graduation ceremonies would be able to go ahead in term four after the HSC exams have finished under COVID-safe restrictions, following a huge backlash to the ban that was introduced last month.

Under the new set of guidelines the year 12 students will be holding a small graduation ceremony next week.

"It's a relief to know we will get a formal, we've seen how it can be a great event in previous years," Alec said.

The year 12 assembly will be held Thursday, September 24 at 5.30pm in the Old Hall. Teachers and students will be the only people permitted to attend. Parents will be able to view the graduation proceedings via live stream or Zoom.

With the date of November 14 set for the formal, the students are excited that they will be able to continue planning for the celebration to take place after the completion of their HSC exams.

"We are excited to keep planning our formal," Alec said.

Students are in good spirits for the upcoming formal and are hopeful that things continue as planned.

"I'm keen as custard to show off my good dance moves," Harry said.

"We are all definitely looking forward to having a formal event if it isn't what we expected."

Alec said it's good to know they'll have something to celebrate the end of year 12.

"It's been a stressful year. It's exciting that we get to have a final farewell."