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A large local family - the Davidsons of 'Glenview'. Full list of names below.
A large local family - the Davidsons of 'Glenview'. Full list of names below.

What better gift for Christmas and one that everyone will appreciate (if not now, then later) is the story of their family?

Perhaps a USB of the illustrated family history for each member of the family.

Family trees can be vertical, horizontal, or even circular in shape.

One was embroidered in the shape of an actual tree with an apple for each person - with a worm emerging from the black sheep's apple.

The tree, however, is only the start.

You now need to cover these bare branches of births, marriages and deaths with the foliage and flowers of their lives.

The huge archival resources at the museum can help you fill in those events in a person's life.

Yes, there are fees - to assist in maintaining our museum and research section.

Our base of hundreds of thousands of name cards (many with BDMs ) with entries indexed to the Glen Innes Examiner from 1874 to 1990, early NSW Government Gazettes, the index to Council minutes to early 1970s, early land records etc, covers both the town and district and is a good starting point.

As well we have maps, a database of over 33,000 photographs, Glen Innes and district cemetery records, Examiners in hard copy and on microfilm, copies of Profile; listings of occupations, professions, trades, businesses, mines, industries, Chinese names, midwives, organisations, schools, properties, town dwellings, villages, sports, stores, churches, clubs, etc, more than 2,300 folders hold certificates and documents relating to local families.

There are many records of Presbyterian and Church of England baptisms, marriages, and burials.

Local district histories - Glencoe, Glen Elgin, Red Range, Deepwater, Torrington, Emmaville, Ben Lomond, Pinkett, Moggs Swamp and Kookabookra, and Dundee, and many already compiled family histories.

Even if you are not a local family we can still help, especially as, for a small fee, we are now providing our Ancestry subscription for public use.

This will be supervised so we can always assist you with research.

But, beware! People tend to put unsubstantiated information on trees which is very misleading.

However, the Immigration lists, electoral rolls, births, and deaths etc., are official documents. and reliable.

We can help you with so much more from advice on looking after paper-based items to dating of photos etc.,

Appointment needed - 0428 344170 museum@gleninneshistory.com.au

Photo: Back row L-R: Alice Davidson, Jessie Davidson, John William Davidson, Elizabeth Davidson, Martha Davidson, Duncan Davidson.

Seated L-R: Archibald Davidson, Emily Davidson, John Alexander Davidson and wife Sarah (nee O'Hara), Clara Davidson, Elsie Davidson (baby).

Front L-R: Andrew Davidson, Donald Davidson, Walter Davidson.