2020 Variety Postie Bike Dash visits Glen Innes

Glen Innes welcomed the Variety Postie Bike Dash as they made their way through town last week with a record 71 dashers taking part.

After arriving in Glen Innes on Wednesday, November 4, the Variety Postie Bike Dash team took off early the next day to make their way to Bundarra and Gunnedah, before making their way back to Tamworth.

The record number of 71 riders included 30 Variety newbies, one of which was Dusty Sista Keryn Barnett who was a little nervous to undertake the six day trek.

"It's something a bit outside the square, helping kids at the same time," she said.

The members will be part of a 90-person entourage travelling through the NSW north-west countryside; the culmination of nine months of fundraising to support kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs in NSW.

The members of the Variety riders are proud to be doing their part to help a wonderful cause.

"We are riding the miles for the smiles," David 'Red Dog' Doherty said.


Over the last two years, Variety has supported a number of kids and families living across the NSW north-west including in Tamworth, Nambucca Heads, Glen Innes and Gunnedah.

Pete Brazel, pink dog and leader of the Postie Dogs team, was extremely excited to hit the road.

"We've done our fundraising, now to enjoy the end bit and see what they do with the money."

The Postie Dogs so far have raised $40,000, and the Wascally Wabbits were closing in on $20,000 - almost $60,000 between them.

Interim general manager for Variety David Small said the record number of riders had signed up to take part in a year when fundraising is needed most.

"The route is special because we drive through some of the communities Variety has directly supported," Mr Small said.

"Like many charities impacted by COVID, we are facing fundraising challenges at a time where demand for our help has never been higher."

With more than 90 members of the Variety Postie Bike Dash having the ride of their lives David Small is glad to be able to help out the local communities along their journey.

"We have been delighted by the number and diversity of riders - nearly half Dash veterans and half newbies and a mix of men and women aged 25 to 71," Mr Small said.

"We hopefully will also be giving local tourism a boost with more than $11,000 spent on local hotels, food and supplies at stops on our way."