Glen Innes High School class of 2020 celebrates at formal

Marking a milestone they won't forget, the year 12 graduating class of Glen Innes High School have recently celebrated the end of their schooling at their highly anticipated formal.

After everything this year has thrown at the students their formal provided a night where all outside realities were put out of their minds for a few hours while they celebrated.

Students and parents gathered together at the Glen Innes and District Services Club on Saturday, November 14.

The room looked stunning but the real stars were the 40 students who attended out of the 50 year 12 graduates who all looked amazing in their formal dresses and suits.

Although the night was not as they had imagined due to COVID regulations, students were glad to have been able to have a formal.

"A few months we did not know if there would even be a formal this year," formal committee president Deanna Sharman said.

"Even though it was a 'pandemic version', it was a beautiful night," parent Gigha Goldman said.


Through the hard work of the year 12 students and formal committee they raised money throughout the year to fund the formal and support their chosen charity, Beyond Blue.

After raising funds through selling Krispy Kreme donuts, selling pine cones and conducting wood raffles, the GIHS students and committee have donated $2000 to Beyond Blue.

"They have done well to raise the money during the challenges they faced during the year," formal committee treasurer Annette Eastwood said.

A special thanks was given to all who helped make the formal go ahead for the students, the night was a culmination of everyone's hard work and determination to give the students an opportunity to celebrate.

The formalities concluded with a final remark from Ms Sharman.

"Year 12 good luck with everything that you choose to do in the future. I hope you follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. And just remember, that no matter what you do or where you go, we, as parents, will always be proud of you!" she said.