Welcome to Country Kids magazine 2021

Welcome to the 2021 edition of Country Kids magazine.

What could be better than being a kid and growing up in country NSW? Wide-open spaces, fresh air and not a skyscraper in sight.

In this issue of Country Kids, we explore a number of areas and challenges that country families face - from helping children deal with changing schools to advise on talking to your kids about COVID-19.

We also look at some essential areas of health - like how to encourage kids to brush their teeth and why healthy snacking is important to growing kids.

We also look at challenging behaviour in children and when you should get help. And while most parents have issues getting kids off their phones and Ipads, we look at a new idea to get parents involved in their kids' screen time.

And if you have never tried porcupine meatballs well here is your chance, with a delicious recipe that the kids will love!

So sit back, make yourself a warm or cold beverage - depending on the weather - and enjoy the latest edition of Country Kids.

Happy Reading.

This story Country Kids 2021 first appeared on Goondiwindi Argus.