Glen Innes COVID-19 test: Fragments found in sewage

Mayor and deputy urge town to get tested after COVID-19 detected in sewage

The virus that causes COVID-19 has been detected again in the Glen Innes sewage after a sample was taken two days ago.

It has prompted both mayor Carol Sparks and deputy mayor Dianne Newman to urge the local community to get tested for, and vaccinated against, COVID-19.

Fragments were first detected in Glen Innes sewage on August 31, then again on September 6. Then sewage was fragment free when tested on September 9 but now the September 13 test has come back positive.

There are no known cases in the area and authorities are urging locals to be vigilant and get tested if symptoms develop.

Speaking to the Express, the mayor said the vaccination hub, which is returning to Glen Innes on October 2, would allow more people to get vaccinated.

In the meantime she was encouraging testing.

"Unfortunately we've had another positive reading in our sewage, and I'd just encourage people to go and get tested for any symptoms they have."

She said testing was being done at the hospital, seven days a week, between 9am and 11am.

"They just have to ring the hospital, or go up at that time.

"To help keep our businesses open and keep everybody happy, we need to be very vigilant on making sure that we're all safe."

Cr Newman said the community had to band together to ensure everyone's safety.

"We want our businesses to keep on going, and we have to ensure the safety of all of us," Cr Newman said.

Since restrictions were eased on the weekend, the mayor said many businesses have been busy, which was good news.

But she also said she wondered if the inceased movement of people is what has lead to the positive sewage tests.

"We've had lots ot trucks, and lots of caravans, coming through," Cr Sparks said.

"Any sign of covid in the community and we'll be shut down again, so we want to put the message out to please get tested, and please get vaccinated."

Almost 74 per cent of the Glen Innes population has already received their first dose.

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