Glen Innes Severn Council election on December 4 is time to put up or shut up | COMMENT

Why it's time to put up or shut up in Glen Innes

It is easy to criticise one's local council. Lord knows, I have done so often enough over the years!

Whether it is because you disagree with the priorities in their road maintenance and repair schedule, or the lack of a green bin, or charges at the local tip or any other of a myriad of potential complaints it is easy to say, "Not good enough".

All these plans and decisions are made either at a council meeting by elected councillors, after extensive community consultation and review, or by council officers, operating under the direction of elected councillors and various state legislative requirements.

The old adage that, if you don't like the decisions that the current councillors are making then put up your hand to serve holds true here as much as anywhere else.

It is not good enough to sit in the Town Square yelling abuse at people as they walk past.

It is not acceptable to physically assault those with whom you disagree.

To anybody who is unhappy with Glen Innes Severn Council or with some (or all) elected councillors, then a solution is at hand.

Nominate for the upcoming local government elections and let the community decide on the validity and significance of your concerns.

Let the community decide, and express through the ballot box, whether they support your proposed solutions.

You will get the chance to campaign in your local community and put your case to the electors.

Local media outlets are always keen for copy and stories from candidates in the lead up to council elections.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer far more opportunities to spread your message than the "cut and paste" and photocopied brochures of years gone by.

Nominations opened this week, on Monday, and close on Wednesday, November 3. The election will be held on Saturday, December 4.

We have seven elected councillors here in the Glen Innes Severn Council. We don't have a ward system, so all councillors are elected to serve the needs of the whole council area.

As a result, councillors can come from anywhere in the local government area, which stretches from Wytaliba and Diehard in the east to Matheson in the west, from Glencoe and Mount Mitchell in the south to Emmaville and Deepwater in the north.

The bottom line of course is the old, somewhat blunt, advice to "Put Up or Shut Up".