Steve Toms thanks supporters after Glen Innes Severn Council mayoral election

I express my thanks to the significant number of people who showed their support for me leading up to and following the recent mayoral election.

The election was held as part of the council meeting on September 27 at the Glen Innes Learning Centre.

I take heart from the support that I have experienced.

Community support for me to continue as mayor, was shown in direct conversation, emails, text messages, the significant public gallery at the council meeting and the objective survey conducted by Business In Glen (BIG) for the week prior to the election.

Of the 300 respondents that answered the BIG question of who they wanted for mayor for the next two years, 252 (84 per cent) indicated their support for me. Many people are bewildered at the outcome.

A key role of a Local Government Council is to act as the governing body, like a board of directors.

The system of local government is not designed to be a government and opposition. It is expected to work as a team in the best interests in the community and the council organisation.

My stance has always been to remain apolitical, so that I can represent the interests and aspirations of all members of our community.

At all times I have used my professionalism to lead this community, to build positive and productive relationships on behalf of the community and to use my extensive experience in supporting and building a council organisation that is both competent and performing.

It is unfortunate that the ambition and self-indulgence of four councillors does not value that.

I sense a motivation for disruption, and the community should be concerned at the next moves.

I will continue on council as I was elected to do.

I appeal to our councillors to see the need for professional mediation to restore a sense of trust and balance to ensure that this council is producing the best outcomes for our community.

Cr Steve Toms ‘Independent’