Horoscopes: week beginning September 8

Horoscopes: week beginning September 8

ARIES: You seem to be very well organised during September 8-11, facilitating progress along your chosen career path or generally, in connection to your life direction. You will simply love whatever you're doing on September 12-15. These are exceptionally good days for generating work opportunities and making money.

TAURUS: September 8-11 is excellent for research, the acquisition of knowledge, travel, and legal matters. This is a long journey so attention to detail is important. The gentle power of love will filter through the hearts and minds of Taurus people during September 12-15, ensuring that you truly enjoy whatever you are doing then.

GEMINI: Gemini's management of minimal financial resources is sound and considered during September 8-11. You'll get great mileage out of your dollars with good planning. September 12-15 brings warmth and beauty to the surroundings of Gemini folk, especially to the home and family. Expect to share good conversations and enjoyable times then.

CANCER: September 8-11 is a time of strengthened partnerships, as actions taken now are likely to shore up associations and contribute to the stability and longevity of the association. During September 12-15 the little pleasantries of life will not escape Cancerian natives, for they will be found in the banter you share within your daily activities.

LEO: It's a matter of going through the routines and motions where work is concerned during September 8-11. Steady progress and good outcomes can be expected from these efforts. There's a good flow of money around leonine people during September 12-15, giving you pleasure along the way. It's easier to steer your life in the direction you desire then.

VIRGO: There's a strong connection to children during September 8-11, when it is possible to establish good communication with essential parties and to plan well. The colourful interludes of life will add touches of meaning and optimism to your usual routine during September 12-15. Words reflect the depth of feelings expressed then.

LIBRA: Routine and sameness is an advantage where home and family is concerned, especially during September 8-11. There is much that can be achieved by working together. The peace and tranquillity of private surroundings will ease Libra's mind and bring a touch of joy to life during September 12-15. This is a great time to recover from the stress of life or illness.

SCORPIO: Plans laid down during September 8-11 are very workable and results are enduring. Great attention to detail and personal effort will ensure quality outcomes. September 12-15 are delightful days for Scorpio natives as you mix and mingle with friends, relax in your favourite surroundings or simply work on a special project.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarian finances are enhanced by a steady attitude and hand during September 8-11. This is a good time to look for work, but better in maintaining the status quo. There are many positive benefits to be derived from work-related activities during September 12-15, apart from the obvious; friendship is one of them.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn natives are very sure of themselves during September 8-11, guided by a certain direction and supported by family. All this makes for the easier achievement of goals. There's good news coming your way during September 12-15, coming from a distance or connected to one of your dreams. Work and play both benefit from these trends.

AQUARIUS: September 8-11 is a time of treading water and Aquarius is sensible enough to realise this current reality of their life. It's all about maintaining the status quo right now. Good fortune brings financial benefits your way during September 12-15. However, these advantages may be associated with an unwelcome change in your life.

PISCES: Pisceans are working steadily towards their long-term goals during September 8-11. Solid progress is made then whilst you find time to enjoy your regular social connections. The delightful atmosphere that accompanies love will make September 12-15 very pleasant days for you. This is a good time to share thoughts and feelings as words and ideas will flow easily.

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