Glen Innes Severn Council backs New England Rail Trail

Council makes a unanimous decision to close rail line

Glen Innes Severn Council has supported an Act proposed by the NSW Parliament for the closure of the rail corridor.

The council will now seek advice from the state government on the process of having the rail track declassified and made available for the development of the Rail Trail.

The motion was unanimously supported by all council members present with seven votes in favor of the closure of the rail corridor and the development for the Rail Trail to commence planning.

The council endorses further work to be done to establish the governance structure of commencing the design and project planning of the Rail Trail. The governance structure will be responsible for advising respective councils on the management and progress of the Rail Trail, commission both a detailed business case and a study on the potential economic value-added as a result of the Rail Trail.

The mayoral minute stated council have endorsed a governance structure to oversee the commencement of design and project planning.

The governance structure will be comprised of the Armidale Regional Council, Glen Innes Severn Council and the New England Rail Trail as a minority member.

Council will allocate $25,000 in the 2020/2021 Operational Plan for the determination of the construction cost of the Ben Lomond to Glen Innes section

Mayoral minute

It is the hope of the council that the Rail Trail will be an excellent addition to the New England Region.

On April 3 the first Rail Trail in NSW had its official virtual opening.

Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail Virtual Opening

That Rail Trail is a 22-kilometre stretch from Tumbarumba to Rosewood.

It had been a long process for the construction and opening of the Rail Trail.

Although the opening was not how they had envisioned it the team were pleased with the results, saying it was an asset to the community.