RFS, theatre and museum all get aid from wind farm company

Part of a turbine arriving at Sapphire Wind Farm.
Part of a turbine arriving at Sapphire Wind Farm.

The Sapphire Wind Farm between Glen Innes and Inverell says it’s to give $70,000 to projects in the two towns.

It’s not clear how much of that is  in hard cash and how much in work done by wind farm employees using wind farm equipment.

The company says, though, that the held is in addition to “the $187,500 cash contributions which will be disbursed each year for the twenty year life of the project”. 

The funds are being allocated under the company’s “Construction in the Community” program which the owners of the wind farm say “is intended to support local based organisations and community groups to complete necessary construction works”.

Under the program, it sought applications from groups which had projects which could be done within a day but required, as the company put it, “manpower, specialist skills and machinery to get the job done. 

“With the involvement of our whole team we hope to make ‘light-work’ of community projects that may be onerous for others to complete.”

The successful applicants were:

  • Kings Plains Rural Fire Brigade: concrete apron
  • Glen Industries: initiative garden
  • National Transport Museum, Inverell: ground improvements
  • Glen Innes District Community Centre: refurbishment of Community Hall
  • Glen Innes Arts Council: loading ramp at Chapel Theatre
  • Elsmore Soldiers Memorial Hall: ceiling replacement
  • Delungra Showground Committee: painting of facilities
  • Ross Hill Primary School P & C: concrete slab
  • Glen Innes Basketball Association: amenity improvements

There will be a second round of applications later in the year. The company says: “Community groups, catchment and wildlife groups, school P & C associations and non-profit organisations from the Inverell and Glen Innes Severn Shires will be eligible to apply for funding.”

The company says: “Support will not be provided to projects which:  benefit individuals only; are the responsibility and obligation of local or state governments; require ongoing support from Sapphire Wind Farm after the project’s completion.”