Group 19 junior rugby league: Country Championships are on at the weekend

SKIPPER: Mitch Duddy will captain the Group 19 under-14 side. Photo: Laura Ferris
SKIPPER: Mitch Duddy will captain the Group 19 under-14 side. Photo: Laura Ferris

Glen Innes minor league has had a successful 2019 season and to add to that, a host of juniors have been selected in Group 19 representative sides.

Group 19 will take and under-14 and under-15 team to the Country Championships in Port Macquarie at the weekend and eight players from Glen Innes will take part. Cory McClelland, Jack Grob, Malakai Griffiths, Dave Graham and Harlon McLaren will play in the under-15 side while Kaleb Hope, Kayne Campbell and Mitch Duddy will take the field for the under-14 team with Mitch named captain.

Peter Presnell is the coach of the under-14s and said his team boasts a handful of players who weren't part of the under-13 team last year.

"They have been training really well," he said.

"We have a few new people this year they have really gelled as a team."

Presnell believes the Group 19 team features a smaller bunch of forwards than other teams contesting the championships but he is planning on using the strengths they have in other aspects of their game.

"We have a really small pack but we are very mobile as well," he said.

"I have got Austin Schneider and Deon Oakes from Inverell who are gong to be my front rowers.

"They are the boys that are going to get us going forward.

"Brooklyn Boney and Kyle Jones on my edges so we are looking pretty good. I have two really good centres in Zac O'Grady and Kaleb Hope.

"I just need my backrowers to play their edge and to have my centres pushing up with them and we will cause a little bit of trouble I think.

"I think we will be very competitive. We have been doing a lot work on our defence. Defence is going to win us games, our attack will eventually come."

Captain of the under-15 team, Billy Youman, said they are expecting "a few hard games."

"We verse Group 21 first, they will be pretty tough, but if we can beat them we stand a pretty good chance of making it further," he said.

"We have got a really fast backline so if our forwards roll through the middle and we can use the ball out the backs I reckon we will go real good."

Under-15 side

  1. Brody Wilson (Tingha)
  2. Bailey Crawford (Inverell)
  3. Cory McClelland (Glen Innes)
  4. Jermaine Craigie (Moree)
  5. Izayiah Bognar (Moree)
  6. Thomas Young (Warialda)
  7. Jacob Whitehill (Armidale)
  8. Jack Grob (Glen Innes)
  9. Billy Youman (C) (Armidale)
  10. Malakai Griffiths (Glen Innes)
  11. Kobie Rutledge (Moree)
  12. Jayden Brooker (Inverell)
  13. Dave Graham (Glen Innes)
  14. Jake Cook (Inverell)
  15. Bailey Edwards (Warialda)
  16. Loghan McIlwain (Inverell)
  17. Beudeen Reid (Inverell)
  18. Tully Arnold (Tingha)
  19. Jeff Annis-Brown (Moree)
  20. Harlon McLaren (Glen Innes)
  • Coach: Alan Austin

Under-14 side

  1. Darcy Wood (Warialda)
  2. Troy Carter (Ashford)
  3. Kaleb Hope (Glen Innes)
  4. Zac O'Grady (Inverell)
  5. Noah Humphries (Moree)
  6. Kayne Campbell (Glen Innes)
  7. Will Hindley (Inverell)
  8. Austin Schneider (Inverell)
  9. Mitch Duddy (C) (Glen Innes)
  10. Deon Oakes (Inverell)
  11. Kyle Jones (Inverell)
  12. Brooklyn Boney (Inverell)
  13. Tom Lockyer (Guyra)
  14. Leith Bearman (Moree)
  15. Luke Steward (Guyra)
  16. Josh Bell (Guyra)
  17. Ryan Trevithick (Inverell)
  18. Jack Stewart (Inverell)
  19. Isaac Watts (Armidale)
  20. Cooper Smith (Inverell)
  • Coach: Peter Presnell