Price is right at rodeo raindance for town

The weekend's Glen Innes Rodeo delivered in spades, with thrills and spills wowing a crowd of 500 through Saturday night.

The 'raindance rodeo' didn't achieve its secondary objective, with zero rain recorded over the weekend. But committee member Steve Daley said attendance was "exceptional", and spirits high.

"It was an exceptional crowd," he said.

"It was just a real testament that people wanted to get out for the night, forget about the current conditions and just have a nice night out with the family."

He said the rodeo attracted a lot of farmers with their families to have a night out, as well as residents of the town of Glen Innes.

"I think it was a bit of a release for people to get out of a night, have a drink and catch up and let the kids get away from the farm for the weekend."

With families looking towards the cost of Christmas present, the Glen Innes Show Society committee decided to keep the event free.

"A lot of people weren't probably going to come if it was a paid gate was the feeling I got, but because it was free they didn't have to put that money out so they said bugger it I'll go."

Competitors spent the night battling fierce broncs and bulls for the entertainment of the crowd.

This is the third rodeo they have run, with last year's event being primarily a campdraft.

"Especially this year, we wanted to put on something for the community.

"Virtually 90 per cent of our horse committee are farmers so we thought it was important to put on something for the community to come out to."

The Rural Resilience program, run by the NSW Department of Industries, provided $7000 to the Glen Innes Show Society to cover the ticket price for the Country Wide Property Raindance Rodeo.

With two shows planned for Friday and Saturday night, the truck show by Monster Trucks limited is planned as a big highlight of the event.

Show memberships are already on sale, at their earliest ever time, with the aim of getting in on the lucrative Christmas gift market.

Look out also for fireworks contractor Holy Smokes, who is planning to honour one of the show's major sponsors by replicating the Glen Innes Severn council's new highlands brand in the form of an explosion in the sky.

The 152nd iteration of an event often known as the "royal of the North" is set to feature its traditional range of ring events and challenges over the three days from February 14 to 16.