Have you been nominated for a 2015 Glen Innes Examiner Business Award?

Nominees can return to the Glen Innes Examiner's online nominee application or see a full list of award categories here.

This year's nominees (in alphabetical order) are: 

- Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre School Based Trainee or Apprentice of the Year     

Hayley Hamel – Hunter New England Health,   Gabriella Walmsley - Hunter New England Health

Jessica Macpherson – Hunter New England Health,   Taylor Lavender - Hunter New England Health

Bailey Sharman - McDonalds

- Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre Trainee of the Year

Judy Burton - RFBI Glenwood Gardens,   Bradley Davis – McDonalds,  

Kristie McDonald – RFBI Glenwood Gardens,  Shanley Taylor - The Super Strawberry

Aden Webb - National Parks & Wildlife        

- Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre Apprentice of the Year                 

Jayden Every – Crystal Room Restaurant, Jamie Hogan – Kent Engineering

Baydon Say – Glen Innes Severn Council, Dean Swaffer – Glen Severn Holden

Nick Wilson – Bruce Family Butchery

- Joblink Plus Business Staff Training and Development Award

Glen Innes Severn Council, Raindrops Boutique, Raindrops & Lollipops, TAFE New England's Aboriginal Learning Circle, The Shop in Glen

- Regional Development Australia Northern Inland Innovation Award                                                     

Moore Venison, Raindrops Boutique, Raindrops & Lollipops, The Shop in Glen

- Destination Glen Innes Tourism Business of the Year 

Land of the Beardies History House Museum, Fossiker Caravan Park, Poplar Caravan Park,

Raindrops & Lollipops, Red Lion Tavern, The Super Strawberry

- Destination Glen Innes Tourism Event of the Year

2015 Australian Celtic Festival, 2015 Australian Celtic Music Awards (GI Services Club)

2014 Deepwater Scarecrow Festival, 2015 Emmaville Sheep Races,

2015 Minerama Fossicking, Gem & Jewellery Show

- Rotary Club Glen Innes Senior Employee Pride of Workmanship Award  

Ron Biddle – Biddle’s Auto Repairs, Candy Bourke – Annie’s Fish & Chips

Jenny Colley – Wayne’s World, Community Health Community Nursing Team – Hunter New England Health

Andrea Davidson – Glen Innes Severn Council,

Leanne Hamel – Shoes@Kwong Sings, 

Janny Jacobs – Glen Innes West Infants School

MJ Mabbott – Innerbella Beauty,  Bill Munro – Timbs Pharmacy, Brian Orvad – Ray White,  

Lorraine Naylor – Annie’s Fish n Chi, Noel Schmidt – Glen Innes Severn Council

Joy Short – Railway Tavern Bistro, Tina Springall – Schafers Newsagency,  

Kylie Stumbles – Glen Innes Bowling Club, Margaret Te Velde  - GIen Innes Correctional Centre, 

Ray Wynn – The Shop in Glen,  Kerrie Zaal – Nortthern Lights & Candles

- A Betterway to Print Best Merchandising or Shop Presentation of the Year        

All Things Wedding, Leading Appliances, Raindrops & Lollipops

Shoes@Kwong Sings, The Bees Knees, The Shop in Glen

- Business in Glen Best Café or Restaurant       

Crystal Room Restaurant, Cuisine Café, Hereford Steakhouse

Peppermints Café, Railway Tavern Bistro, The Coffee Incident, Town Hall Coffee Shop

- Business in Glen Best Takeaway/Dine-in Business of the Year

Annie’s Fish n Chips, Fossiker Caravan Park, Harry’s Snack Shack

Hi –Way Diner

- Business in Glen Made in Glen Innes Severn Award

Moore Venison, Northern Lights & Candles, Red Engineering

StarLogixs, Scents From Heaven, The Super Strawberry

Unique Kitchens

- TAFE New England Best Individual Customer Service

Ron Biddle,  Shane Biddle,  Candy Bourke, Robyn Costello,  Andrea Davidson, Mark Davidson, Halie Elliot,  Ky Ferris,  Anne Fordham, Bernadette Fordham,  Emma Fordham,  Anna Garth, Dione Goard,  Natasha Green,  Leanne Hamel, Nellie Hayes, Matthew Kiefer,  Elsa Kilner, Nigel King, Emily Knox, Anil Larhani,  Tara Looker, MJ Mabbott, Rebecca Macey , David Marchant,  Kathy Marchant,  Sandra McLoughlin,  Fiona O’Brien, Peter Ritter,  Frances Shields, Jan Shields, Joy Short,  Clair Slockee,  Tina Springall,  Kylie Stumbles,  Kerrie Sturtridge,  Larry Townsend, Ben Tremayne,  Craig Walmsley,  Dominic Whellams, Emily Winter,  Kristy Wetherall, Rosalie Whan , Brad Wilson.

- Westpac Best Team Customer Service      

All Things Wedding/Innerbella Beauty, Annie’s Fish n Chips, Bruce Family Butchery

Community Health Community Nursing Team – Hunter New England Health

Cuisine Café, Diana Corcoran Real Estate, Deepwater Bakery, D & J Wilson, 

GIen Innes Library & Learning Centre, Glen Pie Shop, Glen Innes Severn Council Front Office Team, 

Glen Innes Severn Council  Finance Team, Glen Severn Holden,  

Glen Innes West Infants School, Graydon’s Amcal Chemist, Hi –Way Diner 

Innerbella Beauty, Jenkos Plumbing, Kings Gym & Fitness, Nature’s Medicine, Norco, Railway Tavern Bistro, 

Railway Tavern,  Rosneath Nursing Home, Shoes@Kwong Sings, TAFE New England Glen Innes Customer Support, The Bees Knees, The Red Chair Hair Gallery

The Shop in Glen, The Super Strawberry, Timbs Pharmacy,  Unique Kitchens

- Westpac New Business of the Year                    

Bowen Health, Glen Apparel, Glen Innes Signs, Innerbella Beauty, Kings Gym & Fitness, Matt’s Car Detailing, Raindrops Boutique, The Beauty Bar, You Nails & Beauty , Younique Cosmetics, Your Inspiration at Home, Scents From Heaven.

- Glen Innes Severn Council Home Based Business of the Year

Glen Innes Signs, Kerrie’s Hair Salon, Matt’s Car Detailing, Nic’s Auto Detailing, PR Photography, Pug Love, You Nails & Beauty , Younique Cosmetics, Your Inspiration at Home, Scents From Heaven, 

- Glen Innes & District Services Club Young Employee of the Year                                    

Xanthe Barratt – Glen Innes Severn Council, Tamara Ferguson – Diana Corcoran Real Estate

Ky Ferris – McDonalds, Navanka Fletcher – Glen Innes Library & Learning Centre

Katie Hutchison – The Shop in Glen, Donna Jarrat – StarLogixs, Emily Knox - Graydon’s Amcal Chemist

Tara Looker – Innerbella Beauty, Gabby Matthews – Cuisine Café, David Marchant - Westpac

Alex Parry – Jones – Glen Innes Severn Council, Khai Solomon – Quinn – Smeatons

Clair Slockee – The Shop in Glen, Dean Swaffer – Glen Severn Holden, Melanie Symons – Waynes World

Emily Winter – Home Living

- Glen Innes & District Services Club Young Self Employed Business Person of the Year            

Linda Bruce – Bruce Family Butchery, Halie Elliott –  Innabella Beauty

Felicity English – The Red Chair Hair Gallery, Anna Garth – Salon 242.

Nathan Jenkins – Jenkos Plumbing, Karen King - Kings Gym & Fitness, Mark & Ann Petitt – Cuisine Cafe

Justin Stewart – Glen Innes Signs, Nicolas & Natasha Ward - Grey Street Spare Parts/ Celtic Country Trophies

Rebecca Macey - You Nails & Beauty

- BEST Employment Ltd Best Business Demonstrating Workplace Diversity        

Commonwealth Bank, Glen Industries, Hi –Way Diner

McDonalds, Raindrops Boutique, Raindrops & Lollipops, The Shop in Glen, Woolworths

- BEST Employment Ltd Established Business of the Year

All Things Wedding, Biddles Auto Repairs, D & J Wilson, Glen Innes & District Services Club, Glen Severn Holden, Jenkos Plumbing, Kerrie’s Hair Salon, Leading Appliances, Poplar Caravan Park & Harrys Snack Shack, Railway Tavern, Raindrops & Lollipops, Rest Point Motel/Hereford Steakhouse, Shoes@Kwong Sings, Starlogixs,  The Bees Knees, The Shop in Glen, The Red Chair Hair Gallery, The Super Strawberry, You Nails & Beauty , Northern Lights & Candles,  Unique Kitchens.