Getting Glen Innes locals ready for wind farms

Andrew Bray Aust Wind Alliance, Local Alan Fletcher and Charlie Prell
Andrew Bray Aust Wind Alliance, Local Alan Fletcher and Charlie Prell

Representatives from the Australian Wind Alliance came to town on Monday to implore locals to take full advantage of the wind farms being constructed in our region.

Glen Innes Severn Shire has three wind farms within its boundaries with the White rock project due to start construction in 2016.

National Coordinator of the Australian Wind Alliance Andrew Bray said he was keen to meet with locals to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the wind farms.

“I wanted to make sure locals understood the scope of what they have coming up,” he said.

“Businesses need to be prepared by upskilling, getting compliance accreditation and specialised equipment so they can take full advantage of the opportunities that are going to arise.

“Just the white rock wind farm alone would be one of the largest infrastructure projects of this region and there will be two more to come after that, locals need to be ready to capture all opportunities that are available.”

Glen Innes local Allan Fletcher attended the open discussion at the New England club and said local businesses should listen to the wind alliance’s message.

“I am listening to what these guys are saying because it is an important message,” he said.

“We know we have a project going ahead and I urge locals to support it.”

Southern Tablelands farmer Charlie Prell said farmers in the Glen Severn shire should also take full advantage of the wind farm projects.

“I will have turbines on my property and the long term benefits to me are passive income that enables me to not have so much pressure on my farming business,” he said.

“Of course neighbours of those proprieties that have a turbine on them should also try and reap some benefits.

“They should be collectively bargaining with the wind companies so that the benefits of the wind farms are spread as widely as possible.”


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