Beattie Alvarez answers your questions at History House

All you ever wanted to ask a writer

Have you ever wanted to write but never quite got round to it?  If so, you can get tips from a successful author in a special session at the History House next week.

Beattie Alvarez is the writer in residence at the museum and she’ll be answering questions between 10 am and 11 am on Thursday.  Beattie is a young New England author who also illustrates and edits books.  Her first published book was “Three Dragons for Christmas” which she also illustrated in collaboration with two other authors.  She has also written poetry and short stories.

When she was a child she was taken to the ballet and didn’t like the ending so she wrote her own and then illustrated it with her own drawings.

She published her first story in Reader’s Digest at $1 a word.  

She described how she later got published: “I started writing as an adult when my favourite TV show ended abruptly, with a very dissatisfying ending. I was heartbroken! So I went out, sold my soul for a loan to get my first computer, and wrote my own ending. Then I discovered that it was actually called Fan Fiction and there was a website I could upload it to! The response from other fans was overwhelming.

“After that I was hooked!”