Anglican Church ready for the great community day

Final preparations are underway for the Annual Fete at Glen Innes Anglican Church on Saturday, October 28.

The day is being called “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and features stalls selling plants and books and clothes.

There will, of course, be food – burgers, cakes, particularly sponge, scones and trifle.

And music – pipers, singers, guitarists, dancers.

There will be a Scottish flavour with Highland Dancing and the Glen Innes Pipe Band.

Much of the coordination of the preapartory work is being done by long-standing stalwart, Jan Sharman. She urged people to “Help make our fete a great day”.

In addition to the outdoor events, assuming fine weather, there will be a floral display inside the church.

There will also be tea – as much tea as you can drink, and more.

Food, Flowers and Fun at the Fete.