Sheep and cattle dogs put through their paces

The experts explain what makes a good working dog.

If you like to watch competition, the 6th annual sale of working dogs at the Glen Innes Showgrounds on Friday and Saturday, November 17/18 was as good as it gets. 

About 130 dogs competed: 28 to be auctioned, 75 in the open cattle category and 30 in the open sheep category.

The two day event started with dog trials in an open class. Both cattle and sheep dogs competed in two rings next to each other, with prizes of $2500 on offer for each.

Shad Bailey of Colin Say & Co in Glen Innes said the system for selling was both online and then on site on Saturday. Buyers bid online through the week and the final online price became the starting price on Saturday.

Prices went up from there, with Justin Tombs selling his kelpie Harewood Chance for $6000.

Dog auctions have traditionally been the preserve of the south of the country – southern New South Wales and Victoria – but Mr Bailey said they were trying to build the market up in Glen Innes as a hub for northern NSW and Queensland.