History House gets big donation from Royal Bank of Canada

The Historical Society has received a $5000 cheque from the Royal Bank of Canada.

It comes through a link made in childhood.

It turns out that the bank’s Associate Director for Marketing, Treasury Services, grew up in Glen Innes and was so grateful for the education and engrossing entertainment she got at the History House that she had secured the substantial grant.

Eve Chappell, who runs the History House Museum, said that Tracey Dawes-Lucas grew up in Glen Innes and “enjoyed visiting the museum as child, is mindful of its value, and as such wanted to give back to the community that she grew up in”. When she returns to Glenn, her children now go to the museum. Her mother helps there.

The money will be used to finish off work on the shed at the front of the museum which houses machinery.

Eve Chappell said the cheque would make a noticeable difference to the museum. “This donation means the society now has sufficient funds to enable work to be completed on the Harold Parsons Machinery Shed located in the grounds,” she said.

The Blackstone tractor in its now-to-be improved shed.

The Blackstone tractor in its now-to-be improved shed.

“The floor must be levelled, concrete poured, further electrical work carried out and protective coverings placed on windows prior to re-installing the items with interpretive boards so the area can be opened to the public.”

The star turn in the shed is the Blackstone tractor, thought to be the only working model of its kind in the world.

Other items include a McCormick Deering tractor, a Rumley oil pull tractor, a Ruston Hornby horizontal engine, blacksmith’s equipment and portable shearing machines.

Eve Chappell said: “This donation (along with others previously given from Archie Cameron and Richard Cordwell) now gives us the ability to expand our displays and make more of our artefacts accessible to the public. We are extremely grateful for this generous support.”

The museum has become a prime tourist attraction in the New England area.