Glen Innes School honours Dux and two other academic high fliers

Dux, Tom Macansh (left) plus 2nd and 3rd, Lachlan Martin and Emily Walmsley in the drama they wrote themselves.
Dux, Tom Macansh (left) plus 2nd and 3rd, Lachlan Martin and Emily Walmsley in the drama they wrote themselves.

Glen Innes High School honoured its Dux at a special “Higher School Certificate Recognition of Excellence Ceremony”  at the school.

He is Tom Macansh. 

The second and third in this ranking of highest achieving students in last year’s Year 12 were Lachlan Martin and Emily Walmsley.

Eleanor Malone and Mitchell Taylor were also honoured for high achievement in mathematics. Rhiannon Kemp was also given high praise.

At the time of writing, they were all to be feted for their achievements by other students and parents and dignitaries of the town, including Mayor Steve Toms Mayor, Deputy Mayor Carol Sparks, the council’s General Manager, Hein Basson, and the Managing Director of the town’s Services Club, Pat Lonergan (the club sponsored the awards).

The guest speaker was to be Maria Mowle, the Principal of Saint Joseph’s School.

The honours are derived from ATAR scores (the ranking used by universities for admissions). Tom Macansh’s was in the 90s. His and the others’ high scores indicate they are in high demand in a tight university entrance process.

On top of the academic distinction – and as if to show that if you’re good at one thing you may well be good at lots of things – the three main honorees have just returned from Sydney where they performed in a drama they wrote themselves.

They payed “Potential Borrower”, a short play about types of literature in the OnStage showcase for the best school drama in the state.

Their work made it through from 4,000 productions done in schools in NSW as part of the 2017 HSC.

Two of the performers, Lachlan Martin and Dux, Tom Macansh, also won an equivalent honour for visual art.

Their HSC work with paint was selected for Art Express, the showcase for the very best in creative work by students in the state. It was shown at the Griffith Regional Gallery.

In the annual ranking of High Schools in New South Wales by academic results, Glen Innes does well compared with other non-city schools.