Manager Eve Chappell says top speakers plus networking will be the big attraction

Eve Chappell.
Eve Chappell.

The organisers of the History House conference this coming weekend are confident it will be a success.

The manager of the museum, Eve Chappel, said she reckoned that each session of “Many Cultures – One History” would have between 50 and 60 people attending.

She thought that one of the big attractions would be the opportunity to meet “top speakers” and people from other fields and places.

“One of the main things will be the opportunity to network and meet these people”, she said.

She has been the driving force for the conference as the manager of the History House and was recently bereaved but she is continuing to organise and energise.

The aim is to present the history of this region without the dryness some history conferences involve – there is, for example, a session on food and how Scottish food got translated into Glen Innes and New England food.  

The history will seem edible on the evening of March 17 when dinner is served under the title “From haggis to hominy – transporting tastes to new territories”.

There are sessions on Aboriginal history, old New England gardens, ho w soldiers kept in touch with families back home during the First World War. The whole event presents the human side of history in this area.

The main sessions will be on Saturday and Sunday at the Services Club (registration and payment for these is needed). 


All our speakers are top speakers in their fields.

Eve Chappell.