Church and community centre provides warm clothing to cold people

Rosemary Curtis (left) and Donna Hill with their new jackets.
Rosemary Curtis (left) and Donna Hill with their new jackets.

One of the newer churches in Glen Innes has bought jackets for poor people suffering from the cold.

The Centrepoint Fellowship bought 22 garments for $400 from Wayne’s World on Grey Street and doled them out at the Community Centre further along the street.

Scott Beath who runs the Christian group in Glen Innes said: “We just felt there was a need. When we first came to Glen Innes we saw people around the street who didn’t have much warm clothing.”

They bought child size up to XXL to cover all ages.

“We know how it feels to get something new. It’s love in action”, he said.

Two of the people who got jackets, Rosemary Curtis and Donna Hill, said as one: “It’s the start of winter this morning, so you need a jumper. We’re very thankful for it.”

The Community Centre holds a lunch for those who need sustenance on Thursdays and the clothes were given out then.

The centre’s manager, Brenda Beauchamp, said that some people who moved to Glen Innes from Queensland didn’t realise how cold it was was. They came from a world where winter meant just putting a jumper on over summer clothes. “People come with a misconception”, she said.

“A lot of people are on very low incomes and sometimes they just can’t afford winter clothes.”