Armidale nurse running as Labor's candidate for New England seat

COUNTRY Labor have named its candidate for the seat of New England. 

Newcomer Yvonne Langenberg, of Armidale, said the erosion of institutions in the country compelled her candidacy. 

“We can’t continue on the way we are going, we are going down a cliff. So I decided I had to put up my hand and speak on this,” she said. 

“This is a great region to live in but it is slowly dying because of political neglect and indifference. However, I believe we can turn it around with a new deal for regional Australia and a belief that we are all in this together.

“The growing inequality we have in Australia is the greatest threat to our democracy.”

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Infrastructure, healthcare and education will be the key priorities in the newcomer’s campaign. 

“I have a vision that New England can return to the prosperity it once enjoyed by linking all the small towns and urban centres in a productive way by revitalising transport connections that have been allowed to wither and die,” Ms Langenberg said. 

“Why not reactivate the Northern Railway, and enhance other arteries like the New England highway, linking them to the powerhouse of south-east Queensland? Why not connect regional airports, like Armidale and Tamworth, to main rail lines to make it easier for freight and passengers to move from outlying areas.

““The biggest problem in health policy is how the free market has been allowed to decide who has access to the health care that everybody needs – especially those living in areas where there are no specialist services.

“I believe the best transport connections are needed to allow regional people to access the scarce medical facilities available in the big cities while support and accommodation services are needed to assist them to stay in comfort while they are undergoing essential treatment.”

This story Country Labor announces nurse as federal election candidate first appeared on The Armidale Express.