Two Glen Innes High School best friends excel at performance

Jess Waters (left) and Jennifer Mackenzie.

Jess Waters (left) and Jennifer Mackenzie.

In one way, they're very similar - and in another they’re poles apart.

Jennifer Mackenzie and Jess Waters are best friends at school. Both are in Year 11.

They both love the smell of the grease-paint and the buzz of an audience. Stage fright is unknown to them.

But if you ask them what they want to be eventually, one looks to the stars and the other looks only one step ahead.

Jennifer says: “My aspirations are really big.

“My goal is to be a legendary, iconic, triple-threat superstar”.

So that’s OK. Best to aim high.

Jess, on the other hand, says: “I’m still unclear on what I want to do when I leave school. I’m just enjoying doing drama at the moment”.

She’s just been on a highly competitive state-wide drama camp in Sydney, and was selected to move to the next step.

Her ensemble was then chosen to perform at the State Drama Festival at the Seymour Centre in Sydney in October.

Jennifer is more of a musician. She was chosen for the state’s Talent Development Project, an achievement in itself. She’s now into Phase 1 of that where she’s been given the role of developing music and song.

She said: “It’s a big deal because only a few get selected into this programme. You have to be able to get through a series of auditions to get to each phase”.

She finds out if she progresses in October.

Jess is pragmatic and keeping options open. Jennifer is going for stardom full blast.

Different sides of the same friendship.