Toy library has to find a new home after being evicted for a new youth centre

The Glen Innes toy library will once again have to find a new home, after the Glen Innes Severn council resolved to turn their building on Wentworth street into a youth centre.

The store, called the Reachout toy library, rents toys to parents and businesses for a modest annual membership fee, and has a spin-off business in Tenterfield. The not-for-profit has been running in Glen Innes since 1983.

Coordinator Tamara Watters, one of two employees at the store, said she was initially disappointed to hear the council was not going to renew the lease, but is reassured by council's offer of support.

"We have a long history with the council who have supported our service with subsidised rent to ensure we've always had a warn and welcoming environment for families, carers, etc to visit, play and socialise," she said in a text message to the Examiner on Monday.

"Although paying commercial rent prices will put considerable strain on the service, the committee will be seeking the support of the wonderful charities and groups in our local area to help offset these costs."

"In recent years we have received support from the opportunity shop, lions club, Regional Australia Bank and the council.

"Moving forward we hope others will also support us financially to ensure our service not only continues but improves."

The toy store is administered by a committee.

"The committee are looking at this as an opportunity to find a large open space where children can play, adults can meet and socialise and we can run active play classes and information sessions for parents all in one location."

Councilors weighed up offering the Bourke Street council buildings to the toystore, but staff said it probably wouldn't be appropriate due to lack of internal toilets and other problems.

The library has had several homes over the last few years.

All councilors agreed that they didn't want the store to close and ordered council staff to assist in finding grants to fund the move, and new premises. 

Their lease runs out in June, so the search is on.