Barnaby Joyce on the election trail

Barnaby Joyce (right) visited Guyra on Wednesday. Photo supplied.
Barnaby Joyce (right) visited Guyra on Wednesday. Photo supplied.

Barnaby Joyce, Federal member for New England, is on the election trail right until the last moment.

Today, he drove to Niangala, a village an hour south-east of Tamworth, with a population of 142 (2011 census).

"Why would you go to Niangala? Because they vote, that's why. You've got to represent the whole of New England, not just Tamworth and Armidale."


On Wednesday, Mr Joyce visited the Glen Innes pre-polling station in the morning, the Guyra sheep and lamb sales, then spent the afternoon in Armidale.

"Sheep sales are always a good reflection on the difference between the parties," Mr Joyce said.

Under the Coalition, Mr Joyce argued, farmers had received unprecedented record prices for lambs.

"If the Labor party get in, they'll shut down the live sheep trade," Mr Joyce warned.

"This pulls the rug out from the mutton market. If the mutton market falls over, the lamb market will be affected as well. You can't have too much of a discrepancy between the two protein products."

Support from locals has been very good - "but," Mr Joyce said, "I never take anything for granted. That's why you go there. You make sure that people know you're not taking their vote for granted; you're getting round, and delivering for them."

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