Glen Innes block left without electronics by power surge

A number of houses in the Meade street area lost power over good Friday.
A number of houses in the Meade street area lost power over good Friday.

Households in Meade street have been left out of pocket by a power surge over the Easter long weekend.

Electricity company Essential Energy says it was not at fault for the incident, which residents blame on a fault in a transmitter.

A resident in the area reports the outage happened around 1.00am on Saturday morning with a series of loud bangs and flickering lights. She inhaled toxic smoke from her wrecked TV and also lost a sound system, stove top, lights and the electrics in a garage, estimating the total bill at between $6000-7000. Power was back by Saturday afternoon.

Another resident lost fish; many residents were away for the weekend. Around a dozen houses in the Meade street area were affected.

A spokesperson for Essential Energy said no network can guarantee perfect service and that all inspection and maintenance activities relating to the associated network assets had been done.

"The issue was beyond Essential Energy's control and as such Essential Energy does not cover associated claims as addressed in the Deemed Standard Connection Contract under which electricity is supplied to customers in accordance with NSW law," they said.

They said residents should look to home and contents insurance.

"Where claims have been submitted to Essential Energy, the majority of these have already been assessed, or are awaiting further information from the claimant. These have, or will be, assessed on a case-by-case basis noting that Essential Energy is not an insurer.

"In some circumstances, where customers do not claim through their own insurance, Essential Energy may be able to consider a contribution towards repair or replacement costs as a gesture of goodwill."